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Carolyn Walters is the CEO of EVENT MB, an event management company that operates throughout the United States. She is also the creator of the travel and lifestyle blog, Carolyn’s Prints.

She is an exceptional cook, at least according to her husband and two daughters. For events bookings, you can visit her personal website 




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As An Event Planner

As an event planner, the best way to surmount this hurdle is to ensure that your event app continues to produce and maintain relevance even after the event it was planned for is over.

Multi-Use Apps

Multi-use apps are a replacement for activities that would have been done manually. This includes the breakdown of the event schedule, paper representation of the event guides and speaker information.

Basic Tasks

This includes basic tasks like keeping track of the guests, making arrangements for food and the venue and sending invitations to the selected attendees

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Social Media

The social media has established itself as one of the most important publicity tools. In this vein, I am sure that every professional understands that one of the core determinants of any successful event is the social media campaign preceding it..

Main Investors Platform

The social media is likely to be the main platform investors and sponsors use to advertise and publicize your event. Also, it is most likely the medium through which most attendees will get to hear about your event. Therefore, you have to ensure that the campaign styles you employ are effective and up-to-date.



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Customer Support

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